In today's digital world, the key to online business success is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Failure to optimise your website means losing out on potential customers to your competitors.

Google Ads

From concept to execution, your digital campaigns will be created and managed by a search marketing expert who has acquired relevant Google Ads/Analytics certifications.

Social Media

From concept to execution, your social media campaigns will be created and managed by a social media expert.


Think about finding the right paying customers at the right time!

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What pricing is available for SEO services?

You can visit the pricing page or contact Liberty Marketing to arrange an appointment.

How long does SEO take before I start to see results?

Depending on the competitive nature of the industry your business is in, the average duration to get an ROI on SEO is six, twelve, or eighteen months.

Direct Sales Copywriting for advertising

Discover why direct sales copywriting helps you find more customers!

Reach more paying customers with Google Ads

Use Google Ads and find customers that are ready to buy from you today!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The top position on Google Yahoo or Bing, means more customers, leads and sales!

About Us

Since 2006, we’ve been helping small and medium businesses like yours break free from the shackles of confusing jargon and hidden fees. We believe in building genuine partnerships where open communication and a shared understanding of your goals are paramount.

Ready to ditch the marketing headaches and start seeing real results? Partner with Liberty Marketing today and experience the difference of a truly independent, transparent, and ROI-driven approach to digital marketing.

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Think About a Profitable Sales System!

A common concern when working with a digital marketing company, is the uncertainty of not knowing if you’re getting the right digital marketing strategy, or any accurate information about a return on your investment.

It’s no surprise, that for one reason or another, a poorly delivered digital marketing strategy and campaign build, delivers nothing more than disappointment and no real return on your investment.

We not only help businesses establish new digital marketing campaigns, but we also help businesses fix poorly performing digital marketing campaigns. With a more effective course of action, we transform campaigns into profitable sales and marketing system!

Reach only those customers that are ready to buy!

Liberty Marketing builds digital marketing campaigns that deliver serious results by targeting customers who are more likely to buy from your business.

We help your business find the right customers at the right time, who are more likely to convert to a lead or a sale and increase profitability.

If you’re serious about improving your online marketing, then you need to work with an experienced Digital Marketing Specialist who’s dedicated to boosting your business to the top position of search engines.

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Our Services

Content / Copy Writing

We can assist with converting your content into sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Discover how to increase your position on search engines.

Google Ads/Pay Per Click

We are Google Ads marketing experts with Google certifications.

Print / Web Design Services

Liberty Marketing can assist with print and website

Social Media/Digital Marketing

Liberty Marketing can assist with your social media.

Our Proven Seven Step Process

1. Understand Business Goals:

We get to know your business and marketing goals so that we can understand your business goals and future objectives.

2. Undertake Content Research:

Then we do content research. We look at the content you already have, plus we look at potential SEO keywords and more.

3. Complete Competitor Analysis:

We use a host of techniques to pull back your top competitors’ profiles to uncover what’s making them perform so well.

4. Create Strategic Plan:

With all of that information, we can now create a strategic plan that takes into consideration your goals, content trends, and your competitors.

5. Manage The Process:

Moving forward with the plan, we manage the process – including rolling out the content and project managing the whole process.

6. Analyse The Data:

Once things are rolling out, then we look at the data. Here we can make tweaks and changes to ensure that we are getting the best ROI.

7. Report on Performance:

At the end of each month, we provide you with a detailed performance report so that you can easily understand what key performance indicators are working for your business.

Results Based Online Marketing

Think about your business on page one of Google!

Think about reaching your target audience every time!

Think about a positive return on your investment!

Digital Marketing Facts…

  • The top position on Google has a 30% to 40% click-through rate.
  • The second position gets around 14% to 18% click-through rate.
  • The third position gets about 10% to 12% click-through rate.

Source: Advanced Web Ranking

If you are not currently on page one of the major search engines, your competition are, and they are gaining the lion’s share of customers.

Comprehensive Website Audit

Before we start work on your project, we need to make sure your website has no technical errors and can be indexed by search engines. We provide you with an audit report and recommendations.

Qualified search marketing expert

From concept to implementation, your digital campaigns will be created & managed by a search marketing expert who has acquired the relevant Google Adwords/Analytics certifications.

Monthly Reporting

You will have regular contact with your marketing manager who will provide you with monthly reporting and recommendations.

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What Our Clients Say …

Paul is extremely personable and has provided me with professional, expert advice and speedy service on numerous occasions. He provides confidence that a decision made is the right one by doing his research and offering many solutions, which is peace of mind when running a business. Highly Recommended.

Jo Whelan

Paul and I worked closely together on an array of digital service offerings. Paul is very professional in his approach and is proactive in achieving the best outcome for the client. He goes the extra mile to understand the objectives and develops a tailor-made strategy that meets the client’s expectations. Paul’s also been an integral part of brainstorming and marketing initiatives to drive sales.

Aktasha Shanbhag

If you’re looking for a company that can help improve your online presence, I highly recommend Liberty Marketing. Paul has a wealth of knowledge in SEO and can create content that will help drive traffic to your website. He knows how to optimise your website, so it ranks higher in search engines, which means more people will be able to find you. Paul consistently produces high-quality, engaging content for our website. He is reliable and fantastic to work with, and I’m confident he can help your business grow online too.

Melanie Bennett

Our Work

Review our case studies that highlight the various services provided to our clients to achieve their goals.

Contact A Consultant For More Information

Contact A Consultant For More Information

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