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Is Your Content Converting Into Sales?

SEO-based copywriting is a great way to generate website traffic, sell products and generate leads to boost your bottom line, but many businesses don’t use all the technical aspects of SEO copywriting to increase traffic and conversions.

The content you create and publish on your website, blog or social media pages can have a big impact. This is why I recommend turning to an experienced copywriter for help with optimising the words that bring in visitors to your website.

Liberty Marketing writes content that speaks directly to your readers and helps them take action. From converting enquiries to selling products online, we have the SEO copywriting experience for both eCommerce and service industries.

Liberty Marketing has been helping businesses with copywriting, content marketing and digital marketing since 2005.

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    Hire a Freelance Copywriter and Increase Revenue!

    Is your content awesome enough to frequently convert your readers into buyers?

    We’ve helped clients increase leads from a trickle of customers to full capacity.

    Unfortunately, the most common mistake we see is poorly written copy that rarely prompts your readers to contact your business.

    Look at it this way, in today’s online marketing you only have three to four seconds to gain the attention of your readers before they move on to your competitor’s website.

    Writing compelling and engaging copy to motivate buyers requires a specialist set of skills and insights.

    So remember, if your content doesn’t quickly entertain the reader, you run the risk of failure. Call us today to convert readers into customers.

    Quite simply…

    We want your business to succeed and you can count on Liberty Marketing to deliver the following:

    • We come to you to understand your business and build a lead generation system.
    • We provide your approved copywriting strategy based on your business objectives.
    • We will provide recommendations on content performance and keywords on your website.
    • Graphic design and web development management service for all your online and offline marketing material.

    Take Advantage of Freelance Copywriting and Save

    Because freelance copywriting has low overheads, we pass on the savings to our clients. Our services include a wide range of copywriting options:

    • Advertisements
    • Media Releases
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
    • Websites
    • Emails
    • Flyers

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    Copywriting is Complex…

    It Requires In-Depth Research and Strategy for Success

    The first stage of our freelance copywriter service is to understand your business objectives and provide a copywriting strategy.

    More importantly, we provide concise, tightly themed content that is carefully structured, to gain a page one position on search engines and persuade your reader to contact your business.

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    Does your business need assistance with copywriting?

    Contact us today for our rate card and copywriting samples!